Unix Lower Case Sensitive

Fórum Általános Unix Lower Case Sensitive
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aaronpawlak - 2 éve 1

I am having an issue with running Web Help Mobile on Unix. Unix apparently is case sensitive (lowercase). In Unix Default.htm is different from default.htm.I can get the htm files under the content lowercase easy enough. The problem occurs with the htm files in under the resource folder and the code within all htm files (i.e. href="../Default.htm" or link href="../Skins/Default/Stylesheets/Header.css"). I can manually change everything so it works but everything gets overwritten back to capatilized htm and xml files if I update the document. Is there a setting within Madcap where I can generate all the files to be lowercase? If not, is there a tool that anyone recommends that would alleviate some of the tedious work involved with a manual workaround?

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